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Everyone needs some extra cash from time to time. Instead of cracking open your nest egg, let C-Plant help you get a personal loan to pay your expenses.

From medical bills to wedding ceremonies and everything in between, a competitive-rate personal loan provides the funds you need to take care of your affairs. And you get to leave your savings alone, so they can continue to grow!

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  • Competitive rates for a wide variety of personal needs:
    • Vehicle repairs or updates
    • Family vacation
    • Education expenses
    • Personal projects or startups
    • And much more!
  • Repayment terms customized to fit your unique needs
  • Quick, local decision-making and processing
  • Detailed, attentive service from start to finish

The major distinction between secured and unsecured loans is whether or not they require collateral backing.


  • Secured by funds established with C-Plant
    • Share account
    • Or share certificate
    • Potentially lower rates due to collateral backing
    • Keep your savings intact and incurring dividends
    • Thus reducing the actual cost of your loan
    • Flexible terms available


  • Requires nothing but a signature
  • Available to members with a strong credit history
  • Flexible terms available