Personal Checking

Free Kasasa Cash Checking

Really high dividends and ATM fee refunds nationwide* — with no monthly service fee! What's not to like about Kasasa Cash®?

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Free Kasasa Cash Back Checking

Why pay fees when you can get cash back? Kasasa Cash Back® pays you just for making everyday debit card purchases*!

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Free Kasasa Tunes Checking

Free checking that rewards you in ways you love. Enjoy digital download refunds on music, movies and more, plus refunds on ATM fees nationwide.*

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Free Checking

Get all the checking basics you need, with no monthly service fee. And enjoy free services like online banking & bill pay.

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HSA Checking

Whether you are insured through your employer or have coverage of your own, C-Plant’s HSAs will help you pay for your medical expenses tax-free. You make the decisions! Pay for prescriptions, dental, vision, chiropractic and many other expenses that are not covered by your insurance. Spend it or save it, it is up to you.

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